50 Challenging Calculus Problems Book Review

Explore the intricacies of calculus through '50 Challenging Calculus Problems' an enlightening book review for students and educators.

Alan Walker-

Published on 2023-06-16


If you're looking for a calculus book that takes your understanding to the next level, then 50 Challenging Calculus Problems (Fully Solved) by Chris McMullen is worth considering. In this review, we'll explore the book's content, organization, solutions, affordability, and overall value.

Content and Problem Difficulty:

The book presents a collection of 50 calculus problems that are specifically designed to challenge your problem-solving abilities. These problems go beyond what you typically encounter in standard textbooks, pushing you to think critically and apply calculus concepts creatively. With each problem, McMullen ensures that you gain a comprehensive understanding of key calculus principles.

Detailed Solutions:

One of the book's standout features is the fully solved solutions provided for each tough calculus problems. McMullen's explanations are clear, concise, and easy to follow, making them suitable for both students and self-learners. By breaking down complex concepts into manageable steps, the author enables you to grasp challenging material with confidence. The inclusion of fully worked-out solutions is immensely helpful in developing your problem-solving skills and deepening your comprehension of calculus.

Organized Learning Experience:

"50 Challenging Calculus Problems" is thoughtfully organized, with the difficulty level of the problems gradually increasing. This progression ensures a smooth learning curve, allowing you to build your skills and confidence gradually. Additionally, the book covers a variety of calculus challenge problems, including optimization, related rates, and curve sketching, providing a well-rounded learning experience.


One of the book's most appealing aspects is its affordability. The paperback edition is priced at just 9.99 USD, and the Kindle edition is available for an incredible 0.00 USD. Given the exceptional content and value provided, this book is a fantastic investment for students and self-learners on a budget.

Improvement Suggestions:

While the book's content is exemplary, one area that could be enhanced is the inclusion of more visual aids or diagrams. Visuals can aid comprehension, particularly for visual learners, by providing additional context and clarity to the concepts being discussed.

Feedback for Readers

This book has 123 ratings with 13 reviews. It means that the problems provided by the author in this book are useful for students. Many readers of this book appreciated the author for providing step-by-step solutions of 50 challenging problems. A reader of this book says that:

“This is the compilation of 50 problems that look simple at first glance but take some time to solve them. The problems are completely solved and explanations are clear. Great book to have for graduate students and math enthusiasts.”


  1. The book presents a collection of 50 challenging calculus problems with solutions that go beyond standard textbook exercises, providing an excellent opportunity to enhance problem-solving skills.
  2. Each calculus challenge problems in the book comes with fully solved solutions, offering clear and concise explanations that are easy to follow. This ensures a thorough understanding of the concepts and techniques used.
  3. With a paperback price of $9.99 and a Kindle edition available for free, the book provides exceptional value for its content, making it accessible to a wide range of learners.


  1. The book could benefit from the inclusion of more visual aids or diagrams. Visual representations can further enhance understanding, especially for learners who rely on visual learning techniques.


"50 Challenging Calculus Problems (Fully Solved)" by Chris McMullen is a highly recommended resource for anyone seeking to improve their calculus skills. The book's challenging problem sets, comprehensive solutions, affordability, and well-organized structure make it an invaluable tool for students, educators, and mathematics enthusiasts alike. Invest in this book and unlock the potential to master calculus with confidence.

Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

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