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    by Alan Walker

    Last Updated March 08, 2023

    Introduction to U Substitution Calculator with steps

    The u substitution integral calculator is the most accurate and advanced online tool. It has a variety of functions that can be solved by its proper usage. The substitution method calculator is used in finding the substitution of integration. It also evaluates functions of derivatives, antiderivatives, definite integrals and indefinite integrals. This calculator will help in finding the radical expressions and help in solving the functions in a few seconds.

    The u substitution integral calculator will help in saving your time and energy that you spend on solving the integration by substitution manually. This calculator will provide you the solutions and results of u substitution step by step. This calculator will ease you in understanding the u substitution.

    Related: Find the integral of the function having trigonomtriic integrand just by using trigonometric substitution calculator.

    How to find the integration by substitution calculator online?

    The u substitution integration calculator is the most automated tool which can be searched on the internet. For searching this advanced online tool, there are simple steps defined as:

    1. The use of Google will help in finding the u-substitution calculator. The first step is to type the main keyword U Substitution Calculator on the search bar of Google. Google will directly show you the main substitution method calculator immediately. It's all on up to you choose the correct option and select the u substitution integration calculator for further use.
    2. Google will show you various results after typing the keyword. The main thing for choosing this tool is to understand the instructions of the calculator and guidelines. Choose the online tool after carefully understanding the uses of the calculator properly.
    3. One more way of searching this u-substitution calculator is to write the main website name of this online calculator which is Calculator Integral. The website has developed most of the integration calculators from which you can easily find the integration by substitution calculator as well.

    Also find partial fractions integration calculator with steps and integration by parts calculator step by step to solve integrals with detailed steps.

    Benefits of using substitution method calculator

    As we know that the u substitution is a difficult procedure to solve the functions manually. So the use of u substitution integration calculator provides multiple benefits which can be referred as:

    1. The u-substitution calculator helps in finding the solutions to integration in just a few seconds. It helps you solve the functions of integration step by step.
    2. This calculator helps in saving your time you spend on doing manual calculations.
    3. This calculator also helps in practicing the concepts of u substitution online. You can explore the results step by step without any subscription.
    4. This calculator provides a plot and possible intermediate steps of u substitution and its functions.
    5. This calculator provides the real part, imaginary part and alternate form of the definite integrals or indefinite integrals within the result.

    For any rational integral function, try our best integral long division calculator.

    Results Provided by U Substitution Integral Calculator

    The results of the u substitution integration calculator are very accurate and quick. This calculator will give the answers to every function step by step. The step by step results can be easily understood. The results obtained by this calculator are definitive and have simple steps to understand the u substitution properly. By the use of this calculator you can easily find the real part, imaginary part, intermediate steps, alternate form of the integrals and series expansion of the integrals within the results.

    For learning about the applications of integration, must read when to use washer vs shell method as well as volume of solid of revolution by shell method.

    Is the U Sub Calculator reliable?

    The substitution method calculator gives the best and reliable results. This calculator will help in calculating the functions related to integration and provide the accurate results step by step in a few seconds. This calculator will give the chances of learning the u substitution more quickly and provide the accurate results which can easily be understood.

    How to use the U Substitution Calculator?

    The u substitution integral calculator is very easy to use. It has simple instructions and guidelines which can easily be understood. Some of the basic steps for using this calculator are:

    1. Open u substitution calculator with steps free and select the function from the dropdown or enter the function manually.
    2. Carefully select whether you want to evaluate u substitution functions as per definite integral or indefinite integral.
    3. If you want to select a definite integral, then select the upper bound and lower bound for the process of integration on the calculator. In case of indefinite integrals it is not necessary to select the upper bound or lower bound.
    4. Then select the variables with respect to x, y, z.
    5. Final step is to click on the “Calculate” button. The u substitution calculator will calculate the total function in a few seconds and give you the solution step by step.

    Also find unique methods of calculating integral online like trapezoidal method calculator as well as integral to riemann sum calculator.

    Why to use the U Substitution Calculator?

    The u substitution definite integral calculator is the best source of calculating the u substitution integration. You can also calculate u substitution functions, expressions and definite integrals. This calculator will help in evaluating the integration process. Another purpose of using this calculator is to save the time and energy spent on the manual calculation. It saves time and gives accurate results step by step. This tool will also help in calculating the definite integrals and indefinite integrals. You can use this calculator without spending any amount.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is integration by substitution formula?

    In calculus, the u-substation or reverse chain rule is a technique of solving integrals. It is useful to solve those integral that is in combination form of the function and it derivative. Mathematically, it is expressed as:

    $$ \int f(g(x)) \cdot g'(x) dx \;=\; \int f(u) dx $$

    u = g(x)
    du = g'(x)

    When to use integration by substitution method?

    The substitution is used when the integral has a function in combined form with its derivative. It is a reverse chain rule that makes makes the integration easier by replacing the function with u.

    How to do u substitution?

    To do u-substitution, the following steps are performed.

    1. Start with the integral ∫f(g(x)).g'(x)dx
    2. Substitute the u=g(x)
    3. Substitute the derivative du=g'(x)dx
    4. The new integral will be ∫f(u)du. Integrate it with respect u.
    5. Again substitute the value of u in the solution to get final solution.

    How to do the integral of csc2 using substitution?

    We have to integrate ∫ ((csc)2x dx, suppose that,

    $$ u \;=\; cot x \;=\; \frac{cos x}{sin x} $$ $$ du \;=\; \frac{-sin^2x-cos^2x}{sin^2x} $$ $$ -du \;=\; csc^2x dx $$

    Using this u-substitution, the integral becomes,

    $$ \int csc^2 x dx \;=\; - \int du \;=\; u + c $$

    Since u=cot⁡x,


    $$ \int csc^2x dx \;=\; -cot x + c $$

    How to know when to use u substitution or integration by parts?

    When the function is multiplied with its derivative, the u-substitution is used. Whereas when there are two function multiplied with each other, integration by part is chosen to find solution.

    We hope you liked this u substitution calculator and the article also helped you to learn how it works. There are many other integration related blogs and calculators such as improper integral convergence calculator and area under the curve integral calculator. You can use this calculators for free on this platform and make your learning easy.

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