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    by Alan Walker

    Last Updated February 01, 2023

    Introduction to integration by partial fractions calculator

    Integration is one of the toughest and most popular concepts in calculus. Moreover, handling partial fractions is not easy to learn. We have designed this partial integral calculator to provide you with a better understanding of the partial fraction concept. It solves the function, gives proper results, and provides proper steps involved in computation to help students learn mathematical processes.

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    What is a partial fractions calculator?

    Partial fraction integral calculator is a mathematical web tool that is 100% free to assist users. You can utilize this tool to calculate functions of partial fractions with some simple steps. The tool developers have incorporated all the basic rules and formulas of the partial fractions to provide you with authentic results. You can utilize this amazing tool in your academic assignments to get solved equations without any effort.

    The best thing about this partial integral calculator is that it provides quick results with detailed steps to understand the concept. It can handle both definite and indefinite integrals. Moreover, it displays the result in the shape of a graph. You need to stick to this description to know about the usage of this online partial fraction integration calculator.

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    How to find partial fraction calculator?

    It is simple and easy to find a partial fraction integration calculator with steps. You can search for a calculator-integral website and directly access the tool. Or you can search on Google to find this partial integration calculator. Either way, the process is simple and easy.

    How to use partial fraction integration calculator?

    Partial fractions calculator may seem difficult to handle for people who don't know such mathematical terms. However, one who properly understands the concept can easily use this tool to get quick and accurate results. Here are some significant steps involved in using integration by partial fractions calculator.

    For evaluating the integrals by parts, you need to use our integration by parts calculator with steps.


    In the input section, you need to add the values of the function.

    It would be best to type the function inside the "enter the function" box.

    Now you must choose whether you are calculating definite integrals or indefinite integrals.

    Moreover, in the "W.R.T" box, choose the variable for which you want results. You can choose a variable from X, Y, and Z per your requirements.

    Related: To calculate integration from shell and washer integration methods separately, easily use our volume of revolution shell method calculator and volume washer method calculator.

    In the case of definite integral, enter the upper bound and lower bound limit in the respective boxes. You don't need to add this in case of indefinite integral.

    In the final step, click on the “calculate” button to get the instant results and intermediary steps.

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    You will get results computed for the function you entered in the output section. It will provide the answer to your requested function along with the detailed intermediary steps. Furthermore, the integration by partial fractions calculator also portrays results in the graphical form. The other values in the result section include plots of the integral, expanded form of integrals, Series expansion of the integral at x = -1, Series expansion of the integral at x = 0, Series expansion of the integral at x = 4, and Series expansion of the integral at x = ∞. You need to follow input steps properly to get an accurate output.

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    How do you integrate partial fractions in the calculator?

    Integrating partial fractions can be difficult if calculated manually. So to calculate easily online, you just have to input your values. Let us take an example of x/((x+1)(x-4)) for x and give the upper bound and lower bound of 2 and 3. We will get the answer with all the steps taken in it will be =log(12)/5 ~~ "0.49698" in this online partial integral calculator.

    For integration by substitution, you can use our advance u substitution calculator as well as trigonometric substitution calculator with steps.

    When to Use Integration by Partial Fractions?

    When we integrate the rational function, a function by a partial fraction will apply. But not in all rational functions. If the polynomial degree in a numerator is greater than the denominator, then long division will use to integrate. But when the degree of the numerator's polynomial is lesser than the denominator, then in such cases, we will use integration by a partial fraction.

    We hope you liked our partial fraction decomposition integration calculator. Integral calculator also provides other tools all related to integration to make your calculations easy, such as improper integral calculator with steps and disc method calculator.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do you know when to use integration by partial fractions?

    There are many integrals that involves fractional functions or in the form of p(x)/q(x). These integrals are not easy to evaluate without any specific criteria. The technique of partial fraction is used to simplify these kind of functions to find integration. This specific techniques is furthur used by integration by partial fractions calculator with steps to solve that fractions online.

    What is integral partial fraction decomposition?

    Integral partial fraction is a technique of decompose a rational expression into simple rational expressions with simple denominator and then integrate them. It is another technique of solving integrals which you may find in integral partial fraction calculator.

    Find ∫ dx/((x+1)(x+2)) by integration using partial fractions?


    $$ I \;=\; \int \frac{dx}{(x+1)(x+2)} $$

    By using partial fraction,

    $$ \frac{1}{(x+1)(x+2)} \;=\; \frac{A}{(x+1)} \;+\; \frac{B}{(x+2)} $$ $$ 1 \;=\; A(x+2)+B(x+1) $$

    For x = -1

    $$ 1 \;=\; A(-1+2)+B(0) $$ $$ 1 \;=\; A $$

    For x = -2

    $$ 1 \;=\; A(0) + B(-2+1) $$ $$ B \;=\; -1 $$

    So, integral after partial fraction will be,

    $$ I \;=\; \int \left[ \frac{1}{x+1} + \frac{-1}{x+2} \right] $$

    Integrating them

    $$ I \;=\; ln|x+1| - ln|x+2| + c \;=\; ln \frac{x+1}{x+2} + c $$

    In this way, we can find integral using partial fractions. But beside to these we can also try integration using partial fractions calculator for doing these stepwise calculations online.

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