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Introduction to Fourier Transform Calculator

The fourier transform calculator with steps is an online tool which helps you to find fourier transformation of a specified periodic function. The complex fourier series calculator allows you to transform a function of time into function of frequency.

What is the Fourier series?

The Fourier series is a mathematical term that describes the expansion of a periodic function as follows of infinite summation of sine and cosines. With the assistance of a fourier transformation calculator, you can determine the results of transformation of functions and their plots.

To calculate Laplace transform method to convert function of a real variable to a complex one before fourier transform, use our inverse laplace transform calculator with steps.

Fourier series of odd and even functions: The fourier coefficients a 0, a n, or b n may get to be zero after integration in certain Fourier series problems. It indicates that attempting to discover the zero coefficients could be a lengthy operation that should be avoided. However, if we have a good understanding of odd and even functions, we can estimate the zero coefficients easily before we begin integration.

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Addition Properties

When two even functions are added together, the result is always an even function.

The difference between two odd values is also odd.

The product of odd and an even value is neither even nor odd (unless one of the functions is equal to zero)

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Properties of Multiplication

When two odd functions are multiplied together, the result is always even.

When two even functions are multiplied, the result is also even.

A fourier series calculator transforms and generate result with plots.

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What Is a Fourier series Calculator and How Does It Work?

The online fourier transform calculator can assist you in finding precise results whenever you encounter complex functions. Using this fourier series calculator, you will receive a proper scenario of the computations.


  • Take a look at what you've required to do.
  • First, select your function.
  • Click on the 'calculate' button.


  • At first it shows the input function as it is.
  • Then it calculates the Fourier transformation of that function.
  • It also includes a plot section where plots are displayed according to the imaginary and real part.

This calculating method is one of the simplest methods to calculate integrands easily. You can calculate the volume of a slice of a solid with a disk washer calculator. Fourier transform calculator is overall very simple and easy to use.

Solved example:

Find Fourier transformation of:

$$F_t\;[e^{-t^2} sin(t)]\;(w)$$


Input function:

$$F_t\;[e^{-t^2} sin (t)]\;(w)$$

Transformed results:

$$\frac{1}{\sqrt2π}\;\int_{-∞}^∞\left(e^{-t^2} sin(t)\right)e^{iwt} dt\;=\;-\frac{1}{2}\mathcal i\;\left(\frac{e^{-\frac{1}{4}(w+1)^2}}{\sqrt 2}\;-\;\frac{e^{-\frac{1}{4}(w-1)^2}}{\sqrt 2}\right)$$


fourier transform calculator

Fourier transform calculator

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Fourier series have a wide range of applications in engineering and technology because they are important in signal processing, acoustics, shell theory, quantum physics, and image processing, all of which make greater use of fourier calculator. Furthermore, the crucial benefit of Fourier analysis is that it protects minimal information throughout the signal processing procedure.

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Is there anything special about the Fourier series?

Answer: The Fourier series is always unique, regardless of the number n.

Where is Fourier transformation used?

Answer: The orthogonality relationship between sine and cosines is utilized by the Fourier series.

Is there a Fourier series in all functions?

Answer: The fourier series refers to any periodic function that is defined across the complete real line. Our fourier sine transform calculator, on the other hand, can help you determine whether a function has Fourier series.

Give a key reason why the Fourier series should be used?

Answer: The fourier series' key advantage is that it allows us to quickly study a signal in a domain beyond its original.

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