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by Alan Walker

Last Updated February 07, 2023

Introduction to Disk Method Calculator

Disc method calculator is an online calculator which helps you to calculates the solid of revolution’s volume in seconds. volume by disk method calculator uses disk method formula to compute complex problems.

If you are facing trouble with any disk method problem, you can use this disc calculator, which will assist you to calculate your given function in no time. To continue, you must read the basics and disc method formula used by the disc integration calculator.

You can also use cylindrical shells method calculator to calculate the volume of revolution when integrating along perpendicular to the axis of revolution. And washer method solver to find the volume of solid of revolution online.

When a two-dimensional shape circles around a line or axis, tri solids of revolution are formed. The disc technique is named after the fact that all solids of revolution contain circular discs and cross-sections. Cones, Cylinders, and spheres are some instances of solids of revolution.

The disc method is similar to how an egg slicer works. An egg slicer slices a hard-boiled egg into discs. You can reassemble the egg by stacking those pieces on top of one another. The disc method divides a solid into insignificantly thin discs using mathematics.

The slices are always perpendicular to the x-axis for a period of revolution around the x-axis. The area of each slice is determined using the disc approach. Then, using integration, it sums up all of those areas across the length of the solid, producing the solid's volume.

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What is an online disk calculator and how does it work?

The disk washer method calculator uses the exact disc method and disc method formula to determine the cross sectional area and volume of revolution of a variety of various shapes.

Method of disks calculator works completely online. Disk method integral calculator takes the equation from the user in the form of input and calculate it to show the accurate results free online.

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The disc method work same like the volume by shell or washer method.

See below to learn how to find volume using disk method calculator:


  • Enter upper and lower function.
  • Select upper and lower limit from dropdown menu.
  • Now, click on the calculate button.


Once you added the correct equation in the inputs, the disk method calculator will calculate volume of revolution instantly. In the results section,

  • It shows the given function as it is.
  • It generates definite and indefinite integrals.
  • Then it calculates integration of input functions by using different methods.

Technology has made it easier for everyone to learn online. That is a place where online calculators help the most. Find out the major benefits of using integration calculators.

Disc Method formula used by disk area calculator

$$Volume \;=\;π \int_a^b \;R^2dx$$

Solved examples:

Find Volume of following function by using disk method:



Indefinite integral:


Definite Integral:



Disc methodd calculator makes it easy for students as well as other people to find out volumes of revolution without any real time issues. If we calculate manually, it takes too much effort and time.

Sometimes in short answer questions and multiple choices, students have no time to calculate each question by hand. This disk method calculator can help you every time you need it. Make use of it and let us know what you think about it in the comments section below!

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Frequently Asked Questions

In calculus, what exactly is the disc method?

Disc integration, commonly known as the disc method in integral calculus, is a method for estimating the volume of a steady material's solid of revolution when trying to integrate with an axis parallel to the revolution axis.

Who came up with the disc technique?

A washer is a disc with a hole punched out in the middle. Both an inner radius r1 and an outer radius r2 are required in the formula for a washers volume.

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Is Disk and Washer Method the Same?

The washer method deals with the complex shapes of solid, whereas the disk method is used to find volume of a disk shape. Therefore, both are different concepts.

What is the solid's volume?

A solid's volume is an indicator of how much space it occupies. The number of unit cubes needed to fill the solid is used to calculate it.

To find the volume of slice of a solid use volume disk method calculator step by step.

Which of the following objects is a rotating solid?

A solid of revolution is a solid object made by rotating a plane curve along a straight line (the revolution axes) that present in the original plane in engineering, mathematics, and production.

What is the disk method formula?

In calculus, the disk method is a slicing technique that is used to find the volume of a solid by its revolution in a cylinder or a disk. It uses the cross sectional area of the new shape. The disk method formula is,

$$ V \;=\; \int_a^b R(x)^2 dx $$


R(x)2= is the square of distance between the function and the axis of rotation.

Use disk and washer method calculator to get step by step results without any error.

What is the difference between disk and washer method?

The disk method finds the volume of revolution by using infinitesimally thick slices in the shape of disk. Whereas, the washer method used the two radii, inner and outer. It finds the volume of revolution by integration of difference between area of inner and outer slice. Disk washer method calculator helps you to calculate them online.

What is circular disk method?

The disk method is also known as circular disk. It is because it involves circular shape infinitesimal thick disks. It finds the volume of the solid by decomposition and rotation along an axis. The formula is,

$$ V \;=\; \int_a^b R(x)^2 dx $$


R(x)2= is the square of distance between the function and the axis of rotation

You can use our circular disk method calculator to get instant results online.

Hope you liked our tools. Integral calculator website also provide other tools related to integration.

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