An Introduction to Probability Theory and Its Applications Book Review

Understand Probability Theory and its applications with this informative review of "An Introduction to Probability Theory and Its Applications, Vol. 1, 3rd Edition.

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Published on 2023-06-15


An Introduction to Probability Theory and Its Applications, Vol. 1, 3rd Edition, written by William Feller, is a highly acclaimed book that serves as an excellent resource for anyone interested in understanding the fundamentals of probability theory. This comprehensive guide offers a well-structured approach to probability, making it suitable for both beginners and intermediate-level readers.

Engaging Introduction to Probability Theory:

The book begins with a captivating introduction to the core principles of probability theory, ensuring that readers are well-prepared to delve into more complex topics. Feller's writing style is approachable, making it easy for readers to grasp the fundamental concepts and theories.

Clear Explanation of Key Concepts:

Feller presents a systematic breakdown of probability theory, ensuring clarity and understanding throughout. The author takes a step-by-step approach, explaining concepts such as random variables, probability distributions, and conditional probability in a concise and accessible manner.

Real-World Applications:

One of the highlights of this book is its emphasis on real-world applications of probability theory. Feller provides numerous examples and case studies from various fields, demonstrating how probability theory is used in practical scenarios. This aspect makes the book relevant and engaging for readers seeking to apply their knowledge in diverse domains.

Exercises and Problem Sets:

To reinforce understanding, the book includes a wide range of exercises and problem sets at the end of each chapter. These exercises not only test comprehension but also encourage readers to apply the concepts learned. The variety of problems caters to different skill levels, ensuring that readers can progressively enhance their understanding of probability theory.

Supplementary Resources:

In addition to the comprehensive content within the book, Feller provides supplementary resources that further enhance the learning experience. These resources may include online materials, additional exercises, or case studies that deepen the understanding of complex concepts.

Ratings and Feedback 

This book has received an impressive rating of 33 with 21 reviews and 4.7 stars. The positive ratings and reviews from numerous readers attest to the effectiveness and value of this book. There are some pros and cons of this book which are analyzed based on the feedback from readers. These pros and cons will help you to know more about this book. For example a reader of this book says,

“Just a great book on probability. The exposition is excellent. I just started reading. The review on subjects I already knew are good for us who teach probability in high school.”


  1. This book provides a comprehensive coverage of statistical theory.
  2. The author’s writing style is easy, concise and clear which makes the complex concepts easier to understand.
  3. This book includes real-world examples with the practical relevance of probability theory. 
  4. There is a wide range of exercises and problems for students to practice.


  1. Although this book has good content, this is not for beginners. 
  2. This book provides less information about every concept which is not good for deeper understanding of statistics.
  3. This book is only available in hardcover with an extremely high price. 


Hardcover: $233.84


An Introduction to Probability Theory and Its Applications, Vol. 1, 3rd Edition, by William Feller, is an exceptional book that offers a comprehensive and engaging exploration of probability theory. With its clear explanations, real-world applications, and valuable supplementary resources, this book is an invaluable asset for students, researchers, and professionals alike. Whether you are new to the subject or seeking to expand your knowledge, this book is a must-have for anyone interested in probability theory.

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