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Discover the top-rated book for calculus review and take your mathematical skills to new heights. Find the best guide to ace calculus with ease.

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Published on 2023-06-19

1: Essential Calculus Skills Practice Workbook with Full Solutions 

Author: Chris McMullen


Essential Calculus Skills Practice Workbook with Full Solutions by Chris McMullen is a valuable resource for students seeking to enhance their calculus skills. Designed as a supplementary workbook, it aims to reinforce understanding through targeted practice exercises. With comprehensive solutions provided for each problem, this book serves as a best calculus textbook for self study or a companion to any calculus textbook.


The Essential Calculus Skills Practice Workbook offers a wide range of practice problems covering various calculus topics, from limits and derivatives to integrals and applications. It is one of the best books about calculus to study. The best calculus textbook for self study begins with a concise review of essential concepts, ensuring students have the necessary foundation. Each chapter focuses on a specific skill set, presenting multiple exercises with detailed step-by-step solutions. This format enables learners to assess their progress, identify areas for improvement, and gain confidence in their calculus abilities.

2: Calculus: An Intuitive and Physical Approach (Second Edition) 

Author: Morris Kline


Calculus: An Intuitive and Physical Approach by Morris Kline takes a unique approach to teaching calculus, emphasizing intuition and real-world applications. This second edition of the book combines mathematical rigor with a focus on the practical aspects of calculus, making it accessible to a wide range of readers, including students, self-learners, and enthusiasts.


In Calculus: An Intuitive and Physical Approach, Morris Kline presents calculus as a powerful tool for understanding the physical world. The book starts with an introduction to the basic concepts and principles of calculus, gradually building upon them to explore more advanced topics. Kline's clear explanations, supplemented with insightful examples and illustrations, help readers develop an intuitive understanding of calculus and its relevance in various scientific disciplines. This book is an excellent choice for those seeking a conceptual understanding of calculus alongside its practical applications.

3: Calculus Made Easy

Author: Silvanus P. Thompson and Martin Gardner


Calculus Made Easy by Silvanus P. Thompson and Martin Gardner is a classic calculus guide that aims to simplify complex concepts and make them accessible to a broader audience. Written in a conversational and engaging style, this book provides an excellent introduction to calculus for beginners.


Calculus Made Easy breaks down complex calculus concepts into clear and understandable explanations. Silvanus P. Thompson and Martin Gardner use everyday language and relatable examples to demystify calculus, making it less intimidating for novice learners. The best calculus textbook covers topics such as limits, derivatives, and integrals, presenting them in an intuitive manner that builds the reader's confidence. With its approachable style and emphasis on simplicity, this book is an excellent resource for anyone looking to grasp the fundamentals of calculus without getting lost in intricate mathematical details. 

Learn more about this book in our Calculus Made Easy Book Review.

4: Calculus: Early Transcendentals 8th Edition

Author: James Stewart


Calculus: Early Transcendentals by James Stewart is a renowned textbook that has been widely adopted in calculus courses. This 8th edition continues Stewart's tradition of providing a comprehensive and well-structured approach to calculus education.


In Calculus: Early Transcendentals, James Stewart offers a comprehensive treatment of calculus, covering both single-variable and multivariable calculus. The book presents the material in a logical progression, beginning with fundamental concepts and gradually introducing more advanced topics. Stewart's clear explanations, numerous examples, and abundant practice problems make it an excellent choice for students seeking a solid foundation in calculus. The inclusion of applications and real-world contexts enhances the relevance of the material and helps students appreciate the practical implications of calculus.

5: Calculus 10th Edition 

Author: Ron Larson and Bruce H. Edwards


Calculus by Ron Larson and Bruce H. Edwards is a widely acclaimed calculus textbook used in universities and colleges worldwide. This 10th edition builds upon the authors' expertise and experience to provide students with a comprehensive and accessible introduction to calculus.


The 10th edition of Calculus offers a comprehensive coverage of both single-variable and multivariable calculus topics. Ron Larson and Bruce H. Edwards present the material in a clear and organized manner, with a focus on developing students' problem-solving skills. The book features a wealth of examples, exercises, and applications to help students apply calculus to real-world situations. Additionally, the authors incorporate technology tools like graphing calculators and online resources to enhance the learning experience. "Calculus" by Larson and Edwards is a reliable choice for students aiming to build a solid understanding of calculus and its applications.


In conclusion, selecting the best calculus textbook depends on your specific learning style, goals, and prior knowledge. The reviewed books offer a variety of approaches, from practice workbooks to conceptual explanations and comprehensive textbooks. Consider your preferences for practice, intuition, rigor, and application when making your choice. Remember, no single book is perfect for everyone, and it can be beneficial to supplement your primary resource with additional materials. With dedication and the right resources, you can embark on a successful calculus journey and develop a solid understanding of this fundamental subject.

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