Multivariable Calculus: Book Review

Explore the Multivariable Calculus 3rd Edition book review, covering its key concepts, practical applications, and suitability for students and educators.

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Published on 2023-06-19


If you're looking for a reliable resource to help you navigate the intricacies of multivariable calculus, look no further than the Multivariable Calculus 3rd Edition by William Briggs, Lyle Cochran, Bernard Gillett, and Eric Schulz. In this multivariable calculus review, we'll explore why this book is a valuable companion for students and self-learners alike.

Overview and Organization:

The "Multivariable Calculus 3rd Edition" is a well-structured book that presents the material in a clear and logical manner. It starts with the fundamentals and gradually progresses to more advanced topics. Each chapter builds upon the concepts covered in the previous ones, making it easy to follow along and grasp the subject matter.

Comprehensive Explanations and Examples:

One of the standout features of this book is its comprehensive explanations. The authors break down complex ideas into manageable pieces, making it easier to understand. They provide numerous examples and step-by-step solutions, allowing readers to practice and apply what they've learned. The inclusion of real-life applications further enhances the practicality and relevance of the concepts.

Abundance of Exercises and Problems:

To reinforce learning and develop problem-solving skills, the best multivariable calculus book offers a wide range of exercises and multivariable calculus examples. These exercises are thoughtfully designed to cover the key concepts discussed in each chapter. By providing ample opportunities for practice, the book ensures a solid understanding of the material. The detailed solutions at the end of the book also serve as valuable self-assessment tools.

Durable and Professional Design:

The "Multivariable Calculus 3rd Edition" is available in different formats, including hardcover, paperback, loose-leaf, and spiral-bound. The hardcover edition, in particular, offers durability and a professional appearance. The quality printing and binding ensure that the book will withstand regular use without falling apart.

Pricing Options:

Considering the depth of content and the long-term usefulness of the book, the investment is worthwhile. While the paperback and loose-leaf options may be more expensive, the hardcover edition provides the best value for money.

Feedback and Rating:

The best multivariable calculus book has received positive feedback from students and learners. With 124 ratings and an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars, it is evident that the book has resonated well with its readers. Many reviewers have praised the book for its clarity, comprehensive explanations, and helpful examples. The abundance of exercises and problems has also been appreciated for enhancing understanding and mastery of the subject.

Pros and cons 

There are some pros and cons of this book which are analyzed according to the feedback from the readers. These pros and cons will help you to know more about this book.


  1.  The book is well-structured, presenting the material in a clear and logical manner. It starts with the basics and gradually progresses to more advanced topics, ensuring a smooth learning experience.
  2. The book offers numerous multivariable calculus examples and step-by-step solutions that greatly aid comprehension. 
  3. The book has received positive feedback from readers, with an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars.
  4. The book includes a wealth of exercises and problems designed to reinforce learning. 


  1. While the content justifies the investment, the pricing of certain editions, such as the paperback and loose-leaf options, may be higher compared to alternative resources. However, the hardcover edition of best multivariable calculus book offers the best value for money.
  2. Although the book provides thorough explanations, it assumes some foundational knowledge in calculus. Absolute beginners may find it challenging without prior exposure to basic calculus concepts. 


In conclusion, the "Multivariable Calculus 3rd Edition" is a user-friendly and comprehensive guide for anyone studying multivariable calculus. The book's organization, comprehensive explanations, abundant exercises, and durable design make it an excellent resource. Whether you're a student or a self-learner, this book will enhance your understanding and mastery of multivariable calculus.

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